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Please use the links below to download press releases, logo files, and other materials for press purposes. For additional materials, contact Anthony Blanco:

Phone: (310) 294-0250


For Press Inquiries, please contact Amy Kovar:

Phone: (615) 497-1799

Case Studies

Lee Company Case Study
MacDonald-Miller Case Study
Wearables Bridge Skilled Trades Gap

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Press Releases

XOEye Technologies Closes $1.9 Million Series A Round With IncWell LP II, a Fund Led by Tom LaSorda, Former Chrysler CEO
Brady launches XOEye's wearable technology platform - 11/29/16
MacDonald-Miller Smart Glasses Powered by XOEye Techologies - 10/11/16
The BP Group increase productivity with XOEye's smart glasses - 1/23/17


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